Anastasia Todamal,
Chartered Professional Accountant

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Simple Cashflow Forecasting

Success in today’s business climate sometimes requires you to balance your business with your finances. It creates a healthy balance and increases success.

But did you realise that a major part of managing your finances can be taken care of using one very simple tool – a cashflow forecast.

 This report can be done annually (or more often if necessary) and will help you see whether your anticipated income will be able to cover your projected expenses.  It will also help you: 

Employment Contracts

For any business owner, you should be familiar with the terms and conditions of employment that apply to your employees.

These terms and conditions can be easily set out in employment contracts for your staff.

Written contracts of employment can include wages and conditions for employees not covered by a federal agreement.

Although desirable, a written contract is not strictly necessary.  An oral agreement is enforceable as a common law contract.  However, it is recommended, at a minimum, that the following details be recorded in writing: